Reader Quotes for Dangerous DNA

"Nobody does death like Reynolds."
       --Marilyn Coffey, author of Marcella

"You had me from the opening bank scene."

"This story
grabs you from the first scene and doesn't let go! I spent a few days unable to put it down or get it off my mind. I can't wait for the next one!
        -- Reader

"The police banter is realistic and terse as you would expect in a tense situation."
       -- Reader

"This book has great momentum."

"I am impressed with the way the author juggles multiple characters in a frenzied situation."

"You have a lot of strong characters in your book.  John, of course and Fulton.  But many minor characters, too, and they seem to stick with me.  Braxton, I suppose, in particular."

"Terrific ending!"

"I couldn't put it down."

What an AWESOME book... I couldn't wait to read who would be the next "victim/assailant"! Never a dull page! Unlike anything I've ever read! Finished the book and wanted more. I LOVED IT!!!"

"I have read this book twice now, and enjoyed it more the second time. It is a book that you cannot put down. It grips you in the first chapter and keeps you wanting more. I look forward to many more works from this new author."
      -- Reader
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Synopsis: Dangerous DNA

Within the Walls of Critical Strategies Genetics Research, a brilliant scientist is only moments away from discovering the secret to human regeneration.  The CEO unexpectedly halts the program and confiscates the final serum.  Enraged by the actions of the CEO, a young geneticist embarks on a quest of revenge that evolves into a murderous rampage. 

As Detective John Dietrich delves into a series of seemingly unrelated crimes, he realizes that he should be content that these cases are open and shut.  However, something seems terribly wrong.  In every case there is too much evidence—easy evidence that will surely convict five highly respected citizens.  All of the suspects have iron clad alibis, and no apparent motives, but the videos, fingerprints, and DNA will surely convict them.  When the mayor of Kansas City is linked to the crimes, Dietrich investigates the cases more closely.  Recent clues suggest that the mayor’s wealthy friend is in danger.  Can Dietrich save his life?  

How do you protect a man from a foe you cannot recognize?

Dietrich engages his CSI team to help solve the crimes, but circumstances lead him to question the future of forensic science. 


If you like fast-paced books, you'll appreciate "Dangerous DNA."  It moves quickly from the first page to the very last .  There is mystery, murder, and mayhem.  There are good guys and bad guys, and most of all, there are lots of unexpected twists.  It contains all of the elements that most readers expect to find in a good Detective Mystery/ Thriller.


Dangerous DNA is a Detective Mystery/Thriller, with a dollop of Science Fiction.  Often times, the reader hardly recognizes the Science Fiction because it gradually sneaks up on them.

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