Reader Quotes for The Moral Mafia

I'll say one thing about Dan Reynolds, he's consistent.  I couldn't put his first book down either.
     -- Reader

This story is crazy good.  So are the characters.  A couple of chapters into the book and I was hooked.
     -- Reader

Kudos, Mr. Reynolds.  This was a thought provoking story.  In this day of crazy whacko's, it scares the hell out of me to think this could really happen.     
     -- Reader

I loved it when those teenage punks got what they deserved.
     -- Reader

Synopsis:  The Moral Mafia

The Feds need evidence to convict Chicago mafia boss, Tony Constantino, for a cyber-crime they are certain he committed.  Jim O’Brien, a computer forensics expert at the top of his game, is stumped over the case.  He makes a deal with the notorious mafia don to reveal the truth about a stealth technology that could either help mankind, or bring it to its knees.


As O’Brien prepares to turn his findings over to the FBI, an unspeakable personal disaster strikes his family. O’Brien blames a failed society—a nation rife with drugs, sex and violence for his family’s devastation.  He vows to rid the country of the corruption that has long plagued it. He feels he owes it to his suffering family. But can he do it? Can he use the mafia’s technology as a weapon to reshape the morals of America?  It might work, but the tiniest mistake could spark a civil war and ignite a powder keg of fatal events that could change history forever.


The Moral Mafia is an emotional suspense thriller.  It will take you on a gripping and controversial ride through the eyes of Jim O’Brien—a man who had it all; a loving family, treasured friends, and a prosperous business.






A genuine suspense/thriller, The Moral Mafia is for the suspense purist.

The Moral Mafia is a suspense/thriller that  will tug at the emotions of most readers. The core of the story is controversial and the audience may find themselves pulling for a man who does very bad things. There are just enough sub-plots to keep things interesting, and each provides tension at every turn. There is lots of action throughout this novel.

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