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     Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Dan Reynolds was the middle child of nine.  As a young man, gadgets fascinated him, and armed with an aptitude for science, he decided a career in electronics was what he wanted.  He loved to take things apart and sometimes, he even put them back together.  
     He spent his first ten working years as an electronics engineer, repairing everything from calculators in the early '70's to analytical laboratory instruments.  For the next 18 years, Dan traveled the country selling laboratory instruments.  He has spent countless hours in Forensic labs, EPA labs, Biology labs, Research labs, Metallurgy labs, Soil labs, and Industrial QC labs. In all, he has spent more than thirty-seven years in cutting-edge industries.
     Dan's early experiences with writing were purely technical, but he soon realized he could write fiction.  In 2009 he published Dangerous DNA, a detective-mystery-thriller. The Moral Mafia followed in 2010, and a year later, he published Stephen Carter and the Elementals, an action-fantasy for adults and teens.
     Dan currently lives in Omaha with his wife and eleven children.
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